Mechanical engineering

Profession: Mechanical engineering
Occupation: Technical-mechanic

Based on the doctrine of the President on improving the science and education system in Turkmenistan, the historical resolutions of the National Program for Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2011-2030 and the Resolution of the XX People's Council, the important tasks of training modern engineers for our country this field of engineering plays an important role in the training of a true master of the profession.
The main task of the "Mechanical Engineering" specialist is to be able to master the production technology used in the field of  lathes and milling machines, and mastering the techniques of working on grinding machines. Young professionals are also may involved in research and development, specialized and research organizations, interdisciplinary research, educational institutions, joint ventures, foreign companies, consortia, oil and gas extraction, refining, in the workplace, they may hold positions for secondary education professionals.



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