Economics and planning (in the oil and gas industries)

Profession: Economics and planning. (in the oil and gas industries)
Occupation: technician - economist

The role of the economy of the oil and gas sector is very important in bringing Turkmenistan to the level of the developed countries of the world under the leadership of our esteemed President.
Investment policy is the main means of implementing systemic reforms in the economy of Turkmenistan. Its main task is to restructure the investment sector by restructuring the sectoral economy.
Investment activity aimed at reforming the economy of Turkmenistan and creating a structure of market relations ensures sustainable development in the oil and gas sector.
Attracting foreign investors is an important area in the investment policy for the development of the oil and gas industry.
The measures envisaged in the principle of development of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan will allow to discover new fields and oil and gas fields, to accelerate their exploration, development and commissioning.
The main task is to be able to carry out the construction - installation and analysis - inspection activities in the enterprises of the professional construction complex. In addition, these specialists are intended to work in the institutions and scientific institutions of the Turkmengaz State Concern and secondary vocational education.
Young professionals can also hold positions in secondary-vocational training in scientific, industrial, specialized and research organizations, interdepartmental research, joint ventures, construction and installation departments.



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