Development and operation of oil and gas fields

Profession: Development and operation of oil and gas fields
Occupation: mountain technician

We have now begun to make significant changes in the national education system in Turkmenistan. The main goal of these reforms is to make Turkmen youth an education system that meets the world's most advanced requirements.

First decree that signed by President relates to the education system is proof that he pays great attention to the education of the younger generation. The President's Decree "On Improving the Education System in Turkmenistan", the introduction of modern amendments to the Law "On Education in Turkmenistan" are new, world-class, skilled, talented, capable, full of love for our country, our people, our esteemed President. Reforms in the education system place great challenges on teachers who teach students.
The exploration of the oil and gas fields, the production technology used in the development and operation of the fields, the equipment for the procurement of the products and the technology of their collection and shipment, and the requirements for scientific work in that field must be met by their professional training.
A specialist may hold positions in secondary vocational schools, manufacturing enterprises and scientific institutions.



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