Relay protection and automation of electrical power systems

Specialty: Relay protection and automation of electrical power systems
Occupation: Automation technician- electrician.

Our esteemed President is doing great efforts in the energy sector, which is one of the priorities of the industry. The number of stations and substations under construction and planned to construction is increasing day by day in our country.
Purpose of training specialists automation and relay protection of electric power systems in technical and electrical tasks on automation in oil and gas industry factories and energy sector.
- Production management with the transition to a digital economy;
- Power saving by using modern, advanced technologies.
Specialist from "Automation and relay protection of electric power systems" have to manage on relay protection and automated devices, manage to organize, operate and test  power distribution and relay protection equipment,  manage to calculate relay and electrical power, overcome the problems in electrical power systems.
Specialist have to pay back by mastering in power plants, substations and other industrial enterprises, the production technology used in the development and operation of oil and gas fields, the equipment for the procurement of products and the technology of their collection and delivery, and the requirements for scientific work in that field. A specialist may hold positions in secondary vocational schools, manufacturing enterprises and scientific institutions.



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