Information systems (in the oil and gas industries)

Specialty: Information systems (in the oil and gas industries)
Occupation: Information Systems Technician

Large-scale reforms being implemented basing on the slogan of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “The state is for the people!”, which are opening up new opportunities for Turkmenistan. In our Independent, Eternally Neutral Turkmenistan, the emphasis on science and education is growing.  For further development of our Motherland, it is necessary to have scientists, educators, young scientists who are mastering the advanced technologies.
We live in an era of scientific automation revolution, production, and the widespread automation of the national economy. Today, it is impossible to solve economic problems without powerful computer.
Specialist on Information systems (in the oil and gas sector) have to pay back by mastering on technologies, programming, internet web, communication technologies and doing scientific researches on depending sector. 
A specialist may hold positions in secondary vocational schools, manufacturing enterprises and scientific institutions.



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